Magnificient Masonic Motorcars!

sign n carTraditionally, Masonic lodges don’t conduct any business in the summer months. The United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE) “goes dark” during this time and other Masonic bodies around the world follow suit. While we don’t have any regularly stated business, the summer months can be a great time for fun and fellowship.

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Mid-Century Lodge’s Tyler, Brother Scott Coy, has a passion for classic cars and motorcycles. Through his leadership, we were able to host the first-ever Scott Coy Classic Car Show and Open House at Mid-Century Lodge in Avon Lake. It was a time for good food, familiar faces, and new friends. Check out the gallery below for more photos from the car show.

In the coming months, we hope to offer a lot of enjoyable family-friendly events like this. If you are a brother Mason, feel free to stop by and get to know us. If you’ve always been interested in Masonry, we’d be happy to answer your questions.

Don’t miss our next event!
The Mid-Century Lodge Annual Corn & Dog Roast
August 27th | 4:00 p.m.
127 Lear Rd.
Avon Lake, OH 44012

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International Man of Masonry

Each year, residents of Northeast Ohio turn their eyes northward with trepidation as we await the onslaught of Canadian Soldiers. Also known as mayflies, these small insects inundate Avon Lake every year.

Since 1974, the members of Mid-Century Lodge have awaited a Canadian visit of a much more pleasant sort. Mid-Century has a sister lodge, Havelock Lodge No. 435 in Havelock, ON. Every other year, members of Mid-Century journey northward to see our Canadian brothers. The following year, they come southward to visit us.


Masonic Fraternity Extends Across Borders

This past weekend it was our privilege to welcome our neighbors to the north to the sunny south shore of Lake Erie, and the members of Mid-Century put together a host of entertainment opportunities. Some attended a Cleveland Gladiators game, some took the atomic wing challenge at Quaker Steak, others enjoyed a variety of shopping and dining opportunities on Cleveland’s West Side.


Canadian Brothers Enjoy First Arena Football Game


Canadians Defeat Atomic Wing Challenge

The most important event of the weekend was the initiation of a new brother in Masonry. It’s a tradition to demonstrate a degree with our visiting brethren, but this year’s ritual was all too real as brother Williams joined Mid-Century Lodge. In addition to our members and those of the visiting Canadian lodges, our own District Deputy Grand Master Jonathan Krapf was in attendance.


Mid-Century’s Newest Entered Apprentice

The degree went off well and was followed by a festive board topped with mint chocolate chip ice cream.

On behalf of the officers of Mid-Century Lodge, we express our gratitude to all those who promoted, attended, and participated in all the weekend’s activity. Above all we want to thank our sister lodge, Havelock, for forty-two years of fraternal fellowship. May there be many more to come!


The Senior Wardens Exchange the Visiting Plaque


Worshipful Master Foore and our visiting Canadian District Deputy Grand Master

Master Mason Degree


Worshipful Master Larry Foore with Brother Todd Strunk

In early December, Mid-Century Lodge was able to close out the calendar year with one of the most exciting Masonic traditions. Brother Todd Strunk, after completing his Entered Apprentice and Fellowcraft degrees, was raised to the degree of Master Mason.

Each of the three degrees carries unique symbolism and moral teachings. The Master Mason degree teaches us to resist the forces of ignorance and injustice in the world. The newly minted Master Mason is charged to cement his ties to members of the fraternity and aid them whenever he can without injury to himself.

The Master Mason degree requires a lot of people, and many of our brothers at neighboring lodges put the lessons of this degree in practice by traveling to Mid-Century and helping us raise Bro. Strunk. The members of Mid-Century extend their heartfelt thanks to these visiting brethren and look forward to returning the favor in the future.

Above all, we look forward to the promising Masonic career of our new Master Mason. We congratulate Bro. Strunk on the zeal he has heretofore shown for the fraternity and we commit ourselves to his continued growth in the craft.

Congratulations Brother Strunk!


66th Annual Installation of Officers


Every masonic lodge is governed by a line of officers. These brothers are given, due to the esteem of their fellow members, control of both the symbolic and operative affairs of the lodge. Officers are elected, and every year the lodge hosts a special installation where family members can watch their Mason assume a new officer station for the coming year.

This year’s installation was a tremendous success. Right Worshipful Brother Stephen Behm led the installation team and Brother Mike Hendrickson led the kitchen crew for some wonderful food after the ceremony. Visits by brothers from other lodges, our District Deputy Grand Master Jonathan Krapf, and our District Education Officer Gregory Kita added much to the event.

Each officer station provides its own lessons about the craft. One of the great honors of Masonry is to serve as Worshipful Master, or leader of a lodge. This year, WM Larry Foore will be returning for a third term as Master. After him, each of our progressive officer stations is filled by a man who has never served as Master. This indicates a bright future for our lodge as a whole new group of leaders steps in to fill the shoes of great masons who have gone before. Congratulations are due to Worshipful Foore for fostering the growth and development of the lodge and to the new officers as they prepare to guide the lodge through the coming year.  Congratulations to Mid-Century’s 2016 officers!

Worshipful Master Lawrence Foore
Senior Warden David Wilkinson
Junior Warden Timothy Elmerick
Treasurer Harold Loebick
Secretary Kenyon Killinger PM, KYCH
Chaplain Rick Inderrieden
Senior Deacon Michael Hendrickson
Junior Deacon J. Harlen Rife
Tyler Scott Coy
Senior Steward Thomas Coy
Junior Steward Todd Strunk
Marshall Gordon Lensner
Almoner John Massey
Trustees Kevin Taras PM, David Powers PM, Don Lensner
Lodge Educational Officer Brian Iselin PM

In the News: Marion Russell Honored


Marion Russell, wife of Mid-Century member and Past Master Anson Russell, recently received a prestigious honor in our nation’s capitol. Marion has dedicated her life to music and is an active member of the Daughters of the American Revolution. Hear more about Marion’s commitment to service in this article from Drew Scofield of the The Morning Journal.

Hockey Night: Masons at the Monsters


Mid-Century Lodge #725 will be attending the Lake Erie Monsters hockey game this November. Tickets are open to all our Masonic brethren, their families, and friends. Spread the word, and save the date:

Saturday, November 14, 2015
7:00 p.m.
Quicken Loans Arena
Cleveland, OH
Ticket Price: $18.00

To purchase your tickets, please contact Bro. Tim Elmerick at In your e-mail, be sure to include your name, how many tickets you would like, and your phone number.

Degree Work Update!

Last night, the members of Mid-Century Lodge passed Brother Todd Strunk to the degree of Fellowcraft. For those new to Masonry, here’s some information on what that means, and a little history too.


The newly minted Fellowcraft, Bro. Todd Strunk, with Worshipful Bro. Iselin.

The modern Masonic fraternity is modeled on trade guilds of the Middle Ages. These operative masons passed on their knowledge and skill to younger craftsmen through a series of degrees. The operative mason was an apprentice, and a journeyman, before he attained the rank and reputation of master.

In the Masonic fraternity, a new member of a lodge passes through three symbolic ceremonies or “degrees.” He begins as an Entered Apprentice, then becomes a Fellowcraft, and finally a Master Mason. Each degree is a deeply symbolic experience filled with moral teachings, and after each degree the new brother must study what he has seen and heard. After passing a test on each degree, he is eligible to receive the next.

coin gold blue lodge

This commemorative coin has space for the dates of each of the brother’s three degrees.

Each degree is meaningful in its own way. The Grand Lodge of Ohio explains that the Fellowcraft degree, “exposes a Brother to more of the symbolism and philosophy of the fraternity. For skilled craftsmen this degree would have marked one’s progress from an apprentice to a journeyman.”

A healthy Lodge has many duties from the proper administration of its records and funds, to participation in charitable works, to the visitation of sick and elderly members. Degree work certainly holds a special place among these noble duties.

After a brother becomes a Master Mason, one of the best ways he can learn more about the degrees and the Fraternity in general is to help put on degrees for newer brothers, and aid them in their studies. As with all teacher-student relations, both parties are enriched by the shared experience.

For this reason, we not only express our congratulations to Bro. Strunk, but we also express our gratitude. Through his progress we experience the noble teachings of Freemasonry anew, and his commitment to the Fraternity helps ensure its survival in the new millennium.

If this article has piqued your interest, just remember:

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Stated Meeting Spotlight: Lewis Jewel Presentation

What do you do when you need to move a large block of stone? For our operative masonic ancestors, the answer was a Lewis. First, the masons carved a triangular hole into the stone. Then, they placed three pieces of metal into the gap. Each piece of metal fit easily into the stone, but, when locked in place, they were impossible to remove and provided a strong grip to raise the block.

lewis device

In speculative masonry, the Lewis takes on another meaning. When a Mason’s son or grandson joins the fraternity, both older and younger Mason are called a “Lewis.” Together, they represent a living link that carries the fraternity’s traditions from generation to generation. As such, a Lewis has certain special privileges.

A Lewis can join the Masonic fraternity at a  younger age, and he has priority over all other upcoming candidates. A Lewis also has the right to wear a special Lewis Jewel featuring the names of the Lewis’ family members who are also members of the fraternity.

Image from

Image from

At Mid-Century Lodge, we have several Lewis members. At our last stated meeting before Father’s Day, one Lewis made a special presentation. On June 16th, Brother Michael Hendrickson presented is father, Worshipful Judd Hendrickson with a Lewis Jewel featuring Judd’s name, and those of his two sons in the fraternity.

Lewis Jewel

Mid-Century Lodge joins Bro. Hendrickson in saluting his father’s many contributions to Masonry, and we extend our gratitude to all the Lewis Masons who have helped make our lodge what it is today.

Throwback Thursday: Robert Burns Night

For our “Throwback Thursday” post, we look back to the early weeks of this year when Mid-Century Lodge hosted our annual Burns Supper.


Robert Burns (1759–1796)

Robert Burns was an eighteenth century Scottish poet and author. He was one of the best known poets who wrote in Scots language and Scots dialect, and he is therefore seen as an important figure in the development of modern Scottish identity. He was also one of the most noteworthy Freemasons of his day.

Each year, on or around Burns’ birthday, January 25th, people around the world celebrate Burns Night with a Burns Supper. Customarily, participants read Burns’ “Address to a Haggis,” before consuming the traditional Scottish fare.

Mid-Century's Traditional Scottish Haggis

Mid-Century’s Traditional Scottish Haggis

Burns Night celebrations are popular with Masonic Lodges because of the strong connection between early Freemasonry and Scotland. Mid-Century Lodge also celebrates this tradition as a salute to our many members of Scottish descent.


Nothing goes with haggis quite like bagpipes!

Lodge Hall Stone Mason Awarded 60-Year Pin

Brother Warren P. Newman received his 60 year membership award from the Grand Lodge Of Ohio at our annual awards night. His lady Edith watched the presentation from Right Excellent Donald Morgan, the District Deputy Grand Master.

Brother Newman was raised to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason on May 10, 1955. This was a special presentation as Brother Newman was one of the original operative stone masons who constructed our present lodge hall.

Bro Newman recieves 60-year pin

Bro. Newman receives his 60-year pin