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Magnificient Masonic Motorcars!

sign n carTraditionally, Masonic lodges don’t conduct any business in the summer months. The United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE) “goes dark” during this time and other Masonic bodies around the world follow suit. While we don’t have any regularly stated business, the summer months can be a great time for fun and fellowship. Continue reading

International Man of Masonry

Each year, residents of Northeast Ohio turn their eyes northward with trepidation as we await the onslaught of Canadian Soldiers. Also known as mayflies, these small insects inundate Avon Lake every year.

Since 1974, the members of Mid-Century Lodge have awaited a Canadian visit of a much more pleasant sort. Continue reading

Master Mason Degree


Worshipful Master Larry Foore with Brother Todd Strunk

In early December, Mid-Century Lodge was able to close out the calendar year with one of the most exciting Masonic traditions. Brother Todd Strunk, after completing his Entered Apprentice and Fellowcraft degrees, was raised to the degree of Master Mason. Continue reading

66th Annual Installation of Officers


Every masonic lodge is governed by a line of officers. These brothers are given, due to the esteem of their fellow members, control of both the symbolic and operative affairs of the lodge. Officers are elected, and every year the lodge hosts a special installation where family members can watch their Mason assume a new officer station for the coming year. Continue reading

In the News: Marion Russell Honored


Marion Russell, wife of Mid-Century member and Past Master Anson Russell, recently received a prestigious honor in our nation’s capitol. Marion has dedicated her life to music and is an active member of the Daughters of the American Revolution. Hear more about Marion’s commitment to service in this article from Drew Scofield of the The Morning Journal.

Hockey Night: Masons at the Monsters


Mid-Century Lodge #725 will be attending the Lake Erie Monsters hockey game this November. Tickets are open to all our Masonic brethren, their families, and friends. Continue reading

Degree Work Update!

Last night, the members of Mid-Century Lodge passed Brother Todd Strunk to the degree of Fellowcraft. For those new to Masonry, here’s some information on what that means, and a little history too. Continue reading

Stated Meeting Spotlight: Lewis Jewel Presentation

What do you do when you need to move a large block of stone? For our operative masonic ancestors, the answer was a Lewis. First, the masons carved a triangular hole into the stone. Then, they placed three pieces of metal into the gap. Each piece of metal fit easily into the stone, but, when locked in place, they were impossible to remove and provided a strong grip to raise the block.

lewis device

Continue reading

Throwback Thursday: Robert Burns Night

For our “Throwback Thursday” post, we look back to the early weeks of this year when Mid-Century Lodge hosted our annual Burns Supper.


Robert Burns (1759–1796)

Robert Burns was an eighteenth century Scottish poet and author. He was one of the best known poets who wrote in Scots language and Scots dialect, and he is therefore seen as an important figure in the development of modern Scottish identity. He was also one of the most noteworthy Freemasons of his day. Continue reading