Monthly Archives: March 2017

Annual Inspection

On March 23, Mid-Century Lodge was inspected in the Fellowcraft degree. The evening began with a hot dinner and fellowship, and ended with dessert and more fellowship. But the real work of the evening came between, when the Fellowcraft degree was conferred on Bro. Philip Strunk, cousin of our Senior Deacon, Bro. Todd Strunk. The work was conducted on Bro. Strunk by arrangement with his home lodge, Willoughby Lodge #302, which was well represented at the degree.

Bro. Philip Strunk after the degree, with MWB Galyen, WB Wilkinson, RWB Krapf, and the officers and other honored guests.

RWB Jonathan Krapf, District Deputy Grand Master, administered the inspection and gave a favorable report on the work and the health of Mid-Century Lodge. WB Dan Hall, District Education Officer, was also in attendance, as well as MWB Thomas Galyen, Past Grand Master of Masons in Ohio. The lecture was presented by Bro. Tim Elmerick (SW), who received a standing ovation for his work, and the charge was dispensed in perfect form by Bro. Don Lensner (JS).