Stated Meeting Spotlight: Lewis Jewel Presentation

What do you do when you need to move a large block of stone? For our operative masonic ancestors, the answer was a Lewis. First, the masons carved a triangular hole into the stone. Then, they placed three pieces of metal into the gap. Each piece of metal fit easily into the stone, but, when locked in place, they were impossible to remove and provided a strong grip to raise the block.

lewis device

In speculative masonry, the Lewis takes on another meaning. When a Mason’s son or grandson joins the fraternity, both older and younger Mason are called a “Lewis.” Together, they represent a living link that carries the fraternity’s traditions from generation to generation. As such, a Lewis has certain special privileges.

A Lewis can join the Masonic fraternity at a  younger age, and he has priority over all other upcoming candidates. A Lewis also has the right to wear a special Lewis Jewel featuring the names of the Lewis’ family members who are also members of the fraternity.

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At Mid-Century Lodge, we have several Lewis members. At our last stated meeting before Father’s Day, one Lewis made a special presentation. On June 16th, Brother Michael Hendrickson presented is father, Worshipful Judd Hendrickson with a Lewis Jewel featuring Judd’s name, and those of his two sons in the fraternity.

Lewis Jewel

Mid-Century Lodge joins Bro. Hendrickson in saluting his father’s many contributions to Masonry, and we extend our gratitude to all the Lewis Masons who have helped make our lodge what it is today.

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