66th Annual Installation of Officers


Every masonic lodge is governed by a line of officers. These brothers are given, due to the esteem of their fellow members, control of both the symbolic and operative affairs of the lodge. Officers are elected, and every year the lodge hosts a special installation where family members can watch their Mason assume a new officer station for the coming year.

This year’s installation was a tremendous success. Right Worshipful Brother Stephen Behm led the installation team and Brother Mike Hendrickson led the kitchen crew for some wonderful food after the ceremony. Visits by brothers from other lodges, our District Deputy Grand Master Jonathan Krapf, and our District Education Officer Gregory Kita added much to the event.

Each officer station provides its own lessons about the craft. One of the great honors of Masonry is to serve as Worshipful Master, or leader of a lodge. This year, WM Larry Foore will be returning for a third term as Master. After him, each of our progressive officer stations is filled by a man who has never served as Master. This indicates a bright future for our lodge as a whole new group of leaders steps in to fill the shoes of great masons who have gone before. Congratulations are due to Worshipful Foore for fostering the growth and development of the lodge and to the new officers as they prepare to guide the lodge through the coming year.  Congratulations to Mid-Century’s 2016 officers!

Worshipful Master Lawrence Foore
Senior Warden David Wilkinson
Junior Warden Timothy Elmerick
Treasurer Harold Loebick
Secretary Kenyon Killinger PM, KYCH
Chaplain Rick Inderrieden
Senior Deacon Michael Hendrickson
Junior Deacon J. Harlen Rife
Tyler Scott Coy
Senior Steward Thomas Coy
Junior Steward Todd Strunk
Marshall Gordon Lensner
Almoner John Massey
Trustees Kevin Taras PM, David Powers PM, Don Lensner
Lodge Educational Officer Brian Iselin PM

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