Throwback Thursday: Robert Burns Night

For our “Throwback Thursday” post, we look back to the early weeks of this year when Mid-Century Lodge hosted our annual Burns Supper.


Robert Burns (1759–1796)

Robert Burns was an eighteenth century Scottish poet and author. He was one of the best known poets who wrote in Scots language and Scots dialect, and he is therefore seen as an important figure in the development of modern Scottish identity. He was also one of the most noteworthy Freemasons of his day.

Each year, on or around Burns’ birthday, January 25th, people around the world celebrate Burns Night with a Burns Supper. Customarily, participants read Burns’ “Address to a Haggis,” before consuming the traditional Scottish fare.

Mid-Century's Traditional Scottish Haggis

Mid-Century’s Traditional Scottish Haggis

Burns Night celebrations are popular with Masonic Lodges because of the strong connection between early Freemasonry and Scotland. Mid-Century Lodge also celebrates this tradition as a salute to our many members of Scottish descent.


Nothing goes with haggis quite like bagpipes!

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